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Nail Services

Manicure of the KB Nails

Manicure of the KB Nails

Classic KB Manicure $18

We clean and shape your nails, trim, cuticle care, hand massage, and complete with polish of your choice.

Deluxe KB Manicure $23

You deserve it! To leave your hands feeling soft and moisturizing; a treatment of peppermint sugar scrub or a citrus salt is included with the classic KB manicure.

VIP KB Manicure $31

Included with the KB Manicure and an organic clay masque, a hot towel wrap, and finish up with a beautiful regular polish of your choice.

Princess KB Spa

Princess KB Spa

Under 10-12 old
Manicure $10 - $12
Manicure and Pedicure $22 - $26
Shellac Gel

Shellac Gel

Shellac Gel lacquers give you long lasting polish on your natural nails up to two weeks or more. Yep, it also works on your problem nails or toes. Truly, an affordable luxury for you!
Manicure & Gel Polish $33
Change Gel Polish $25
Manicure with Gel Remove $36
Pedicure of the KB Nails

Pedicure of the KB Nails

For your personal
1. Classic KB Pedicure (30 mins) $33

Service for a classic pedicure you're to the basin of warm water. We easily and gently remove your thickened overgrown cuticle & rough, dry skin toenails & cuticle. Sea salt scrub, relaxing lotion massage & pretty polish of your choice.

2. Deluxe KB Pedicure (35 mins) $39

Rocket to paradise! In addition to the Classic KB Pedicure, you receive treatment of an exfoliating choice of Green Tea, Orange, or Lavender salt scrub, which removes all the dead skin on your legs. Everything is finished off with a 10 minutes massage with scented lotion and mask.

3. VIP KB Spa Pedicure (45 mins) $44

Services in the VIP Spa Pedicure include all of the Deluxe Pedicure treatment; with scrub and mask wrap with hot towels, along with a 15 minutes massage lotion & scented oil.

4. Organic Spa Pedicure (55 mins) $51

Similar to your Classic Pedicure, you're getting a relaxing treatment with hot water and a massage; however, the Organic Spa Pedicure is great for sensitive skin. Masque and hot towels are included with a relaxing 15 minutes massage.

5. Jolly with Jelly Spa Pedicure (60 mins) $60

Benefits of the Jelly Pedicure is that it exfoliates the skin to open your pores to help get rid of toxins in the skin, targeting dead skin cells to help soften your skin. Then the hot jelly water relaxes tense muscles, nerves, & promotes circulation. Includes paraffin, 15 minutes massage with lotion & scented oil.

6. Luxury Milk Spa Pedicure (65 mins) $70

Dip your feet into warm waters to relax our sore feet, our honey sugar scrub, lavender, and orange will buff the dead skin away. Then to finish up there will be a 20 minutes hot stone massage along with scented lotion.

7. Volcano Spa Pedicure (70 mins) $80

Relax and rejuvenate with the Volcano Spa Pedicure. A luxury experience in a single-use pedicure treatment. Detoxed volcano crystals activate and combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun harmless bubbling explosion. To complete the pedicure, your skin will be exfoliated with sugar scrubs, a cream mask, and 5 minutes shoulder massaged with lotion.

8. Enjoy KB Complete Packet Spa Pedicure (90 mins) $100

A complete pedicure treatment with Vegan Aroma package. Treatments include 20 minutes massage with hot stones, sugar, and cream massage. Finished with a 20 minutes neck & shoulder massage in the private room.

Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

SNS Dipping Powder

The most popular! All products are organic and healthier for your nails. Most importantly, your nails grow out stronger and healthier with vitamins and calcium.
SNS Manicure $40
SNS with Tips $50
SNS Pink & White $55
SNS Fill-In $43
SNS & Soak Off with any service $5

Acrylic Nails

Full Set $35
Set French $40
Refill $30
Solar Nails

Solar Nails

Solar Pink & White

Full Set $50
Refill Pink & White $45
Refill $30
Add On Services

Add On Services

Shellac Gel $15
French American $5
Nails Design (2 nails) $7 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Soak Off $10



10 Minutes $15
15 Minutes $20
20 Minutes $25
30 Minutes $35


10 Minutes $15
15 Minutes $20
20 Minutes $25
30 Minutes $38
Special Shapes

Special Shapes

Stiletto, Long Nails, Almond, Tapered $5
Polish Change

Polish Change

Nails $10
Toenails $15


Eyebrows $12
Lips $10
Whole Face $45
Stomach $25
Underarms $25
Elbow to Wrist $25
Whole Leg $65
Back $45
Lips & Chin $20
Ears $20
Sideburns $22
Chest $40
Whole Arms $45
Legs from Knee $45
Bikini $25 +
Brazilian $50 +
For Eyes

For Eyes

Eyebrow Tint $25
Eyelash Tint $25
Facial Services

Facial Services

ageLOC Facial Spa

Indulge in a luxurious 10-minute spa experience for a more radiant, youthful face

ageLOC Refreshing Mask

- Smoothes the skin's surface by releasing dead cell buildup and pore-blocking impurities

- Cleanse and purifies skin, increase hyrdation, delivers your first infusion of ageLOC to reduce the signs of aging

- Extracts impurities, removes dead skin cells, and rejuvenates damaged skin.

- Infuses soothing nutrients from cactus extract to help keep skin healthy-looking, beautiful, and fully moisturized

- Leaving the skin smooth and feeling refreshed!

ageLOC Face Lift

- Works immediately to lift, firm, and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles -Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger looking skin today and in the future, with ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra

ageLOC LumiSpa

Cleanses away dirt, oil, make-up, and toxins though its Patent-Pending; counter-rotating pre-tightening action. ageLOC Lumi Spa leaves the skin brighter; softer, smoother skin with an energizing facial massage.